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Welcome to the Lakeside Lions Club website. We are a work in progress so please be patient with us. We are a service organization that provides service to the community in the form of vision assistance,ie, glasses to those who cannot afford them, vision screenings for the children of local schools, etc. We also have a food pantry that provides food and clothing to our community. We do events and sell hamburgers and other things to raise the money we use to provide the glasses and other things. Please check out the link to Lions Club International to learn more about what the Lions Clubs are all about. We do many things. Our motto is " WE SERVE " Come back soon and feel free to sign in at the guest book and make suggestions about what you would like to see here and improvements that can be made.

Santa Social.

With the help of Santa Claus on December 16th, 2011 we will be giving the children of our community Christmas presents.  We hold an evening of fun and entertainment for the children and their families.  We serve hot dogs and hot cocoa. There is also a place for the children to pick out presents for their parents and or siblings.